Monday, December 4, 2017

January and February PE Activities

Starting January, all physical education classes will be learning throwing and catching through a variety of different activities.

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February physical education classes will focus on learning tumbling and gymnastics for all grades.
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Last Day of BOKS

Just a reminder that Wednesday December 6th will be the last day of BOKS for the Fall. Sign-ups for February will be in January.

Basketball Roster's

Longfellow Basketball Teams

Longfellow A

Jonathan Chavez
Fernando Olivas
Alejandro Olivas
Joshua Foster
Josiah Martinez
Jolyssa Baca
Diondra Reed
Aaliyah Sanchez
Erik Chavez
Issac Esoinoza

Practice Days: Wednesday at 2:00pm and Friday at 3:30pm

Longfellow B

Jayden Luna
Nizhoni Fleg
Jennyka Mckinney
Elise Dillander
Luke Othele
Trinidad Aragon
Alan Juardo-Soto
Shaun'ta Porter
Kevin Marquez
Ethan Michelman
Roman Perea

Practice Days: Tuesday and Thursday 4:05pm to 5:05pm

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Monday, September 25, 2017

JOG-A-THON Results

Jog-a-thon Results:

Good job to every student that participated in the jogathon on Friday. The results are as follows:

School laps: 2490

School miles:367.5

Class with the highest average:
Lieberman 13.32 laps

Monday, September 18, 2017

Mileage Club Update

Recently, Longfellow Elementary School just passed the 400 mile plateau in terms of total miles combined from our k-5 classes.  Mrs. Reyes' class leads the way with just under 60 miles completed so far. Our individual leaders are as follows:

1.Nizhoni Fleg- 4.63
2. Gabriel Fernandez- 4
2. Emilio Sarmiento- 4
3. Josh Dillabaugh- 3.8 

If any parents would like to join us, here is the schedule:

Monday- 1025am to 1040am- 1st grade
Tuesday- 1105am to 1120am- 2nd grade
                   1120am to 1135am- 4th grade
                   1135am to 1150am- 5th grade
                   1250pm to 105pm- 3rd Grade
                   135pm to 140pm- Kindergarten
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Monday, September 11, 2017

Physical Education Activities September and October

Below are the activities that the students will be doing September 25th through the end of October:

K-2 will be doing activities that are associated with locomotive movements such as skipping, galloping, hopping, jumping, sliding, and leaping. These skills are basic skills in which children can use in other activities as they get older.

Jumping Girl Dressed In Red Clipart

3-5 will be working on a soccer unit that will focus on creating soccer/striking skills that include dribbling, passing, and shooting. The students will also be taught the concept of defense and learn what accuracy is.


BOKS to Start 9/19/17, 8am


New to Longfellow this year, is a program called BOKS (Building Our Kids Success). This program focus on getting your child active before the school day starts in the hopes to kickstart their brain and increase their ability to learn during the day. For more information, please go to the link below:

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Este año en Longfellow hay un programa llamado BOKS (Edificando el éxito de nuestros niños). Este programa se enfocará en hacer que sus hijos participen en actividades de movimiento antes del comienzo del día escolar, con la esperanza de ayudarles a reactivar sus cerebros e incrementar su capacidad de aprendizaje durante el día. Para más información favor de visitar el siguiente sitio web: